Benefits to Grilling

We’ve probably all heard that grilling is a healthy way to enjoy your meats and veggies. This is true, but there is also so much more to grilling! Just like cooking, grilling can be considered a therapeutic activity. Dive in with us on the benefits of grilling.

Nutrient-dense veggies and meat! 

Ok, we will start with the most well known. Cooking vegetables can diminish certain nutrients to a degree. With grilling, your veggies are immersed in heat for less time and so they are able to restore a lot of their vitamins and minerals. Nutrients are preserved in grilled meats, too! Specifically, Vitamin B1 and B2 are preserved, which are essential for overall health. It also tastes delicious! 

Consume less fat

Think about it… meat on a skillet will be soaking in it’s fat, while meat on the grill will start to melt it’s fat right off! You are also more likely to use less butter or other fats in your cooking. 

Good for the Soul

Grilling has therapeutic properties. It is an amazing time to connect with your senses as you:

  • Listen to the birds chirping outside, your kids playing in the background, the sizzling from the grill. 
  • Feel the soft sun hitting your skin, the warm from the grill, maybe a slight breeze.
  • See the delicious food, fire, and lots of smiling faces around you.
  • Smell the fresh air and the delicious meal you are grilling.
  • Taste the food that you’ve tended to for the past hour with every juicy bite!

Creates Connection

Grilling is often a more social activity, and gives you something special to offer your family and guests during warmer months. 

Extra Time Outside

Connecting with the outdoors is so important to our mental health. With longer days in warmer months, grilling gives us more time to be outside, even if we work a full time job!