Carl’s Tips

old unit ready for removal
old unit removed
insulation and sealing complete
new fireplace installed

Is your fireplace drafty? Was cold air leaking in around it all winter and driving you crazy? Have you covered it with plastic and piled blankets in front of it? We have the solution! And no, it does not require dynamite! It does require removal of the fireplace (which is not as bad as it sounds). Basically, the original installation was poorly insulated. Our solution entails insulating and sheathing the interior of the chase(that’s the framed enclosure of the fireplace), and then re-installing your fireplace… or a newer and better one! Our installers take great pride in their ability to make the finished product better than the original, as well as being clean and minimally invasive while working. One customer remarked “It was like a surgical procedure!”

This is a great opportunity to convert to gas, pellet, or high-efficiency wood!  It’s also a great time to upgrade the appearance with a new mantel and marble or stone.

If your prefab fireplace is approaching twenty-five years of age it is coming to the end of it’s life expectancy. Give us a call and let us tell you about it.

Many of our customers are asking us about emergency heat, supplemental and zone heat, as well as how to be best prepared for any “what if’s”. Our salespeople are well versed in helping you make an educated choice that is sure to work well for you. Just because our products are “pretty” doesn’t mean you can’t rely on them! Stop by our showroom and let us show you around!