Best Fireplace Products Anywhere!

i-phone 9-14 033Looking for the Best fireplace products anywhere? We pride ourselves in showing the BEST our industry has to offer! From woodstoves to gas fireplaces, mantels and surrounds, glass doors, even grates and screens. Our brands are the highest rated, best quality, and most desirable you will find. And great selection, too!

We search for suppliers and manufacturers that not only produce premier products, but provide us with unmatched support as a dealer. We rely on them for technical support, warranty claim acceptance, training, and easy communication so that we can provide you with great service after you purchase from us and for years to come!

Although it gets more difficult each year, we try very hard to support domestic manufacturers whenever possible. All of our core brands are American made and we are proud to be able to say that.

Some products we have sold for years have moved production to China. When that occurs, we look very hard at the impact on the quality of that item. We have shut out several suppliers because we felt their moves were based upon greed without concern for customers or manufacturing employees.

When we do choose an import item, we do so because we believe it is a well made, unique product that has lasting value for our customers.

Buy the best…from the best!