Congress retroactively extends $300 tax credit

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Congress retroactively extends $300 tax credit

Congress passed a spending package that retroactively extended the $300 tax credit for wood and pellet stoves and inserts back to Jan 1, 2018 and up to Dec 31, 2020. Appliances must be 75% efficient or higher. This is the third retroactive extension in five years.

To claim a 2019 purchase, fill out IRS form 5695 and refer to the list of stoves to confirm yours meets the criteria.

Maryland continues to offer energy grants

To help Maryland homeowners invest in clean energy, the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) provides grants for clean-burning wood and pellet stoves and inserts that displace electric or non-natural gas fossil fuel heating systems. You may be eligible for a grant of up to $700.00 Check out

Also, remember to check manufacturers websites. Quadrafire, Heat-n-Glo, and Mendota all offer substantial incentives to purchase product, but these are usually coupons for specific products with short time limits, so be prepared to act swiftly!